Active Compliance and Treatment System (ACTS)

Logical Framework Model (LFA)


  • Established Technology Platform for ACTS in District Mewat (Haryana) & Chest Clinics Jahangir Puri and Mangol Puri (North Delhi) and Districts Wakiso & Kampala (Uganda) all TB Units, DMCs, PHIs and providers & patients;

  • Established Ground teams of Volunteers for ACTS – Active Case Screening Volunteers;

  • Orientation and Refresher Trainings with TB Management and Infrastructure teams on ACTS;

  • Deployment of Mobile Toolkits for all – Patients, Community Providers, Treatment Supervisors, Lab Technicians, PHI staff and ASHAs and DOTS providers;

  • Development of Training manuals and communication material for ACTS;

  • Provisioning Mobile Devices for loaning patients (who do not have mobiles;

  • Conducted Community awareness sessions and ACSM activities with health providers and School Children

  • Tie-up with Local providers like Community radio, Recharge Centres


  • Increase in Patient recruitment for ACTS (as against DOTS) for self management;

  • Increase in Case Findings and Active testing;

  • Reduction in Treatment initiation periods;

  • Increase is Active Compliance and Adherence;

  • Increase in timely follow-ups;

  • Increase in Treatment Completion;

  • Increase in Community level awareness around TB


  • New case finding and increased load of patient #;

  • Control in TB Transmission and spread rates;

  • Increase in compliance (also evidence based VoT adherence);

  • Increase in timely follow-ups;

  • Increase in conversion rates from IP to CP;

  • Increase in Treatment Completion rates;

  • Decrease in MDR cases;

  • Curtailing stigma attached to Tuberculosis


  • Overall decrease in TB infection and transmission in the intervention area;

  • Increased level of awareness of TB at community level;


  • % of total Patients put under ACTS (as compared to DOTS) in the area of intervention;

  • % of new patients detected through Active Case Detection;

  • Adherence rate of ACTS patients;

  • Initiation time (period) of Treatment from time of detection;

  • Follow-up rates;

  • Sputum Conversion rate;

  • Treatment completion rates;

Monitoring Mechanisms

  • Patient Recruitment details registered on ACTS platform

  • Patient Treatment cards and Registers,

  • Patient compliance Report Videos with Time stamps;

  • IEC material and digital stories developed

  • Community Activity Reports,

  • Training Photos and attendance sheets


  • Delay in providing screening and diagnostic reports;

  • Delay at TB Unit staff and resentment in taking up ACTS;

  • Delay in providing screening and diagnostic reports

  • Issues of Internet connection;

  • Socio-cultural barriers in some Communities.