Pilot : Active Compliance System was piloted in the Tauru district of Mewat in 2014 and reached out to the 20 patients with the compliance rating of 92%.

Scale-up 1 (India) : With the learning’s from the ground, ZMQ added a few more toolkits like Group Active Compliance and Community Health Worker toolkit under its “Active Compliance and Treatment System”. ZMQ also involved community radio stations and mobile recharge centres for reaching out to the patients in all the five blocks of district Mewat and two dispensaries on Jahangir Puri, reaching out to more than 2200 patients in 2015.

Scale-up 2 (India and Global) : Assessment proved that the increase in other supportive approaches is really making a difference on the ground hence the system was renamed as “Active Compliance and Treatment Strategy”. ZMQ added the component of Active Screening and Case detection into the model and increased the ground activities by conducting ACSM activities using interactive tools and introducing Digital story telling for spreading awareness across different age groups with the medium of Entertainment Education in 2016. With the efforts, ZMQ continued working in 5 Blocks of district Mewat, 7 dispensaries under Chest Clinics- Babu Jagjeevan Ram Memorial Hospital, Jahangir Puri and Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangol Puri and 5 Health Centres in District Wakiso and Kampala in Uganda, reaching out to more than 5000 patients in combination.